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tom upchurch tomupchurch at comcast.net
Sun Oct 22 22:52:45 UTC 2017

Hello Everyone!

The annual meeting and board elections are right around the corner.  
This year we will be holding the meeting on *Saturday, December 2nd at 
10:00AM* at Eugene Maker Space.  The board vote polls will close on 
*December ***2nd* at 11:00AM*, exactly one hour after the meeting 
starts.  This will give everyone some time to discuss it before casting 
votes.  Last year we offered an online voting system so those who 
couldn't make the meeting could still vote.  We fully intend to do the 
same thing this year.

If you know someone that you think would be a good candidate for a 
board position, please nominate them! You can do this easily by emailing 
the Discuss email list with the subject line of "*NOMATION - Member 
Name*".  That member will then have to accept their nomination.

Do you think you might want to run for a board position for 2018?  
Please do!  This is your chance to step up and make a difference in this 
community.  If you think you want to run for a board position, please 
send an email to the discussion list or talk to some members in person 
to let us all know why you want to be on the board and what you can 
bring to the table.  Another member must nominate you for a board 
position. Nominations will close on *November 30th*, so make sure you 
get all of your nominations in before then.

Starting next term there will only be one scheduled board meeting per 
month  Also, we have been moving some of the board duties to non-board 
positions. The hope is that a lighter time commitment will enable more 
peopleto run for the board.

Best of Luck to all the Candidates!

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