[EMS Announce] Hak5 visiting EMS on Friday night

Rick Osgood rick at richardosgood.com
Mon May 20 23:48:43 UTC 2013

Have you heard of Hak5?  Hak5 is "not your typical tech show" run by a
collection of hackers, gamers, and geeks.  Darren Kitchen, host of Hak5, is
running around the country on his Hack Across America tour.  He will be
stopping over at CodeChops this Friday night at 5:00PM to give a talk about
Alternative Internets for the Coming Zombie Apocalypse.

Then, Darren and crew are heading over to Eugene Maker Space at 7:00PM to
hang out and talk all things hacking.  So come down to the shop this Friday
night at 7 and bring your friends because it should be a great time!

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