[EMS Announce] Board Voting Polls are Open

Rick Osgood rick at richardosgood.com
Thu Dec 6 23:41:17 UTC 2012

If you are currently a member in good standing you should have received an
email in the last few days with a link to vote.  The subject line of the
email is "Annual Election of the EMS Board of Directors" and the "from"
address is noreply at openstv.org.

If you did not receive this email then you are either not in good standing
(you didn't pay dues yet) or we have the wrong email address on file for
you.  Please email board at eugenemakerspace.com if you did not receive this
email and you believe that you are currently in good standing.  We will get
it straightened out for you so you can vote.

*Polls will close on Saturday, December 8th at 2:00PM.*  You will be able
to vote at the meeting if you prefer to vote in person rather than online.

Thank you.
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